Fashion Apparel Design

During the four-year undergraduate education consisting of Textile Design, Fashion Clothing Design, and Accessory Design Majors of our Department, it is to train creative, innovative, and product designers who will increase the art and design sensitivity of society, and have contemporary thoughts and values. In line with this objective; our departments produce joint projects among themselves and together, and they constantly renew and develop the education-teaching plan with contemporary approaches. Care is taken to carry out academic and artistic activities with foresighted research and development methods aiming to catch the future and university-industry cooperation. In this context, interviews and career days are organized with company owners and designers who have gained ground in the sector.  The education our students receive, in line with their fields of expertise, can be found in factories, workshops, etc. It is reinforced with practical internships in institutions.

During our four-year education, our students; in addition to the courses on art, design, and production within the scope of their fields of expertise, they also take courses such as art history, textile history, and art psychology that will improve their perspectives in the field of art and design. At the same time, they learn the programs mentioned in the courses related to computer-aided design and production. In elective courses, along with the courses that will develop their sectoral perspectives, they can also take common elective courses from other departments of our faculty for their special interests.

Our department students participate in national and international competitions in the fields of textile design, fashion clothing design, accessory design, and leather design, and win awards and overseas education scholarships. In addition, the academic staff who make up our academic staff successfully represent our department with their scientific and artistic works in national and international platforms. Our productive, experienced academic staff with an innovative perspective, with their competent expertise in different fields, are unique guides for the new generation of textile and fashion designers to find their original lines.