Our department was established in 1977 in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Dokuz Eylül University and in 2008 it took the name of “Textile and Fashion Design Department” and restructured its education program. The Department is the first state institution that provides training in three specialist fields as Textile Design, Clothing Design and Accessories Design in textile and fashion design sector. Our primary target is educating creative, innovative and productive designers in the fields of textile design, fashion apparel design, and accessories design, who will increase the sensitivity of art and design of the society and have contemporary ideas and values. In line with this purpose, the priorities of our department are developing several projects not only in their own fields but also their common fields. In addition to being the only state institution in Turkey that provides training in three different specializations for the textile, fashion apparel and accessories design sectors, our department continually improves our education plan with contemporary approaches and is committed to R & D methods, university-industry cooperation and academic and art/design activities which is aiming to capture the future and predictable. Within this scope, we organize seminars, interviews and career days with the company owners and designers who have taken place in the sector. In addition, the training that our students receive is reinforced by various internships in line with their field of specialization.
In addition to our four-years design education program, students take courses in art, design and production within the scope of special fields of our majors. Moreover, they participate in lectures such as art history, textile history, and art psychology to improve the perspective of art and design and they are also learning computer-aided design and production programs. Furthermore, they can choose departmental elective courses such as fashion marketing, trend analysis, art management to develop sectoral perspectives and common elective courses of other faculties.
Our students participate in national and international competitions in areas such as textiles, fashion, apparel, accessories, leather design, and win prizes and scholarships for study abroad. In addition, our academic staff has successfully represented our department with scientific and artistic studies on national and international platforms.
Our experienced academic staff is unique guides in finding unique lines of new generation textile and fashion designers with their competence in different fields.
Our students receive in the fields of weaving,knitting, and printing with the effect of the art, designand production education and they are trained as creative and freethinker designers, with creative culture vision, professional ethics in art and design.