Textile Design

Textile Design Department offers a four-year education program that follows the innovative structure of weaving, knitting and printing art techniques. It aims to train textile designers who have a foresighted and innovative perspective of the future, and are equipped with ethical values. With this aim, our students; With the design, production and art education they receive in the weaving, knitting and dyeing-printing specialties of the textile sector, they are trained as free-thinking, innovative, and creative designers with art and design culture and professional ethics.

In this context, our main branch of art continues a four-year training program that follows the innovative structure of weaving, knitting and dyeing-printing design and production techniques for clothing and home textiles. In our education, designs and productions containing innovative ideas are also included in the light of developing technology, making use of interdisciplinary interaction and studies. Textile works supporting artistic expression forms are also carried out in the workshops.

Our students, who follow the current and technological developments in the sector with the technical trips, workshops and internship opportunities organized within the scope of our major, represent our department in the best way by participating in fairs and educational seminars, along with the awards they received in competitions supported by various institutions in the textile, weaving, knitting and printing sectors is doing.