Department of Graphic Arts

The Department of Graphic Arts has been providing undergraduate and graduate education since its establishment in 1983. It is the most popular department in the visual arts group of Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts. Each year, it selects students from a large number of applicants who rank at the top of the entrance exams. Its establishment was realized with the contributions of distinguished faculty members who graduated from notable schools of that time. The changes and developments in the world have had a strong impact on the education program.

Since 2013, the department offers education in two main branches: “Graphic Design” and “Graphic Illustration and Printmaking.” In the Graphic Design branch, the focus is primarily on Advertising Graphics, Typography, and Graphic Design, while the Graphic Illustration and Printmaking branch focuses on Illustration, Animation, and Original Graphic Printing. After completing the four-year undergraduate program (including courses and internships), students showcase their practical works and defend their theoretical projects in a public jury, earning the right to graduate.

The education process in the Department of Graphic Arts is conducted on an individual student basis. The faculty members have close relationships with the students and can engage in communication regarding their interests. As a natural expectation of horizontal and vertical relationships in the education process, the goal of the Department of Graphic Arts is to train creative artists and designers who perceive, define, and solve graphic design problems in a universal sense. Another aim of the department is to train faculty members who can deliver graphic education under Turkish conditions and ensure its continuity. Research assistants affiliated with the department enhance their teaching practices alongside their academic training. Additionally, the Department of Graphic Arts at Dokuz Eylül University Faculty of Fine Arts provides postgraduate education for research assistants from various universities and creates an environment for them to complete their academic careers.