Mission and Vision


The mission of the Accessory Design ASD. education, shaped by the foundations of universal design principles and contemporary scientific research, is to meet the need for strong designers in the fields of shoes, leather goods, and jewelry, which are complementary and indispensable elements of the Fashion Industry. The mission is to educate creative, innovative, responsible, confident, environmentally conscious, entrepreneurial, and productive accessory designers who have a universal mindset and values. In line with the education approach required by university culture and the practice of fine arts, it aims to increase economic, cultural, and artistic richness through “university-industry” collaborations.


The Accessory Design Program, within the realm of Body Accessories and Functional Accessories, which are essential components of the fashion industry, updates its education and opportunities regarding innovative design, form, function, sustainability, technology, materials, and aesthetics, along with craftsmanship and mass production techniques. By following academic and artistic activities in the field of national and international accessory design, it expands its sphere of influence and continues to uphold its responsibility as a pioneering and model program, being the only Main Art Branch that provides a 4-year undergraduate specialization education among State Universities in Turkey.

Core Values:

 Innovation