Fashion Apparel Design- Mission and Vision


With the awareness of being the first and only department that provides education in three different disciplines in its field, namely Textile Design, Fashion Clothing Design, and Accessory Design in the Fashion Apparel Design Department; our mission is to educate creative, innovative, and productive designers who have contemporary thoughts and values, engage in national and international academic and artistic activities, and increase the society’s sensitivity to art and design with advanced research and development methods. Our mission is also to make interdisciplinary research that are creative, and innovative, which makes contributions to art and design fields and to observe ethical values. To provide an education that contributes to a sustainable, environmentally friendly development with social responsibility awareness worldwide and protects cultural values is of importance.


To constantly renew the education of the Fashion Clothing Design Department with contemporary approaches, to ensure university-industry cooperation, to expand its area of influence by following academic, artistic, and design activities for textile and fashion design in the national and international arena. Being a pioneer in its field. Sharing a collective vision compatible with changes in society and the environment. With the awareness of the primary importance of visual design in today’s consumer goods economy, to increase the aesthetic and functional value of textile products and to support the unity of art, design, and technology knowledge. To shape the future with undergraduate and graduate education, innovative and sustainable activities on design, form, function, technology, material, and aesthetic expansions.