Mission and Vision


To educate creative, entrepreneurial, innovative, and productive designers who will enhance society’s sensitivity to art and design through advanced national and international research and development methods with contemporary approaches.


Shaping the future with fundamental values that define the past: sharing an institutional vision that revitalizes our mission and values in line with the changes in society and the environment through innovative, collaborative methods in the curriculum, pioneering use of technology, and experimentation.

Our Policy:

  • Creativity and Innovation: Creating interdisciplinary content in the spectrum of Fashion-Technology and Art-Design.
  • Entrepreneurship: Developing entrepreneurial plans that contribute to the field within the framework of both institutional and individual values.
  • Sustainability: Generating sustainable projects that have a universal mindset and values and shape the future.
  • Contributing to social development by generating knowledge and technology through university-industry collaboration.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement and development in education, teaching, research, and practice.