Department of Cartoon And Animation

The Animation Film Design and Management was established in 2009 as the main art major under the “Department of Film Design”at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Dokuz Eylül University. In 2022, it became an independent department as “Cartoon and Animation”.

The first aim of The Department of Cartoon and Animation is to train animation artists who have both theoretical and practical knowledge, equipped in art and cinema culture, and animation teams specialized in animation film production for the film industry, game industry in particular and the media sector in general.

The second aim of the department is to provide the necessary training to the animation artists who produce creative design solutions that make use of existing technological opportunities and can easily adapt to new technological developments. Within the scope of the courses, three-dimensional and two-dimensional computer programs are taught as well as classical art, design, traditional animation education.

Our students who graduated from the Cartoon and Animation program have opportunities to find employment as an/a “Illustrator”, “Art Director”, “Cartoon Designer”, “Academician”, “Video / Editing Designer”, “Producer”, “Special Effects Designer”, “2D and 3D Modeling Designer”, “Game Designer”, “Animation Character Designer” etc. in game industry, animation studios, advertising agencies, multimedia companies, television channels, post-production companies/studios and as freelance designers and artists. In addition, they will be able to practice their profession in the academic field.