About Department

With the increase in communication, transportation, and production facilities, and the availability of almost everything everywhere, the world has become a global market. Cultural and artistic products have a distinctive feature within this market. These products carry certain elements inherited from the past and known to represent the culture they belong to.

The Department of Traditional Turkish Arts transmits the historical, artistic, and technical foundations of the cultural heritage included in its main art branches to the students. It serves as a guiding force for the preservation of this accumulation, as well as the correct production and interpretation of traditional and modern production techniques.

Our students graduate as complete designers above all else. The visual and technical knowledge they acquire during their education, spanning approximately a thousand years of historical accumulation, becomes a treasure that they may not obtain from any other art education and can utilize throughout their lives.

Our graduates can work in various businesses engaged in production within their fields, establish their own workshops for artistic work, and take part in restoration projects.