Textile and Fashion Design

The department was established in 1975 within the Faculty of Fine Arts of Ege University in 1976-77. The faculty started its education in the first semester of this academic year. In 1982, with the establishment of Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts became a constitute of DEU and Textile Department became one of the initial departments within the faculty. Since 2009-2010 academic year, the Textile Design Department has started to give education in three majors: Textile Design, Fashion Clothing Design and Accessory Design. During four- year undergraduate education, Textile Design Department aims to train creative, innovative and productive designers who will increase the art and design susceptibility of the society, who have contemporary thoughts and values. In addition to being the only institution in Turkey that provides education in three different fields of specialization for the textile, fashion, and fashion accessories sectors, it pays attention to continuously develop its education plan with contemporary approaches and to carry out academic and artistic activities that will stimulate university-industry cooperation. In this context, interviews, and career days with key figures from the industry, designers and joint projects are organized. In addition to design and production courses for students; specialization areas in four-year education, courses are also offered to develop their perspectives in the field of art and design. The textile design department uses ateliers of specialty fields as well as 2 and 3D computer programs. In addition to undergraduate education, postgraduate (Master’s Degree, Proficiency in Arts) education is provided as well. Students participate in national and international competitions in the fields of Weaving, Printing, Fashion Clothing, Jewelry Design, Leather Product Design and Application, and win awards and international scholarships. Undergraduate and graduate students can benefit from Erasmus, Mevlana and Farabi exchange programs. Furthermore, our academic staff successfully represent the department with their scientific and artistic works on national and international platforms.