Art of Calligraphy

The quota of the Art of Calligraphy major for the academic year has been determined as 10 students and there is no preparatory class. The first year in the education, students have basic art courses and basic calligraphy courses. From the second to the fourth year; theoretical and practical courses of the types of calligraphy, designing calligraphy in digital environments, courses aimed at its applicability on different grounds such as tiles, wood textiles have been placed in the program. Art of Calligraphy major program is supported with elective courses with theoretical and practical skills in sub-disciplines such as illumination, miniature, marbling, book binding, manuscript conservation and restoration. In addition, the students have opportunity to take courses from other majors in our department and elective courses of fine arts faculty. Our students work as artists, designers after graduation and they have the opportunity to carry out academic studies in master’s and art proficiency programs.