About the Department – Film Design and Directing

The Department of Film Design And Directing is divided into four majors such as Film Design and Directing, Editing, Sound and Cinematography, Film Design and Screenwriting, and Animation Film Design and Directing.

The courses taken in the first year are common for each student and aim to create a general cultural infrastructure. In the early years of educational programs of these majors at the Department of Film Design and Directing, there are common intensified departmental courses, and in the following years, each major has been adding the courses related to its own educational programs for their majors. 

In the second year, many common theoretical courses as well as field related courses have been given. On the basis of film theories, specialized courses in the field are added to the program, and educational programs provided by field based specialization are created. 

At the beginning of the fourth year, each student chooses a practical or theoretical thesis topic, develops his / her work with his / her advisors during the year, presents it on the date determined by the department chair, and when he or she gets the qualification, he or she graduates. The Department of Film Design and Directing benefits from various areas that belong to the department while performing educational activities.