About Department

About the Photography Department:
The department receives students with a central placement exam.
The department has an applied and theoretical curriculum covering analog photography and digital photography.
Within the framework ofthis program, students will have the opportunity to study the both analog photography and
digital photography to acquire basic knowledge and experiences in the context of photography art and photography
culture in terms of classes; TlT. class Project and TV . classroom workshops are practiced with the aim ofturning to
professional branches of expertise according to personal tendencies of students . in the meantime, it is aimed that our
students will be able to follow the changes in photographic technology and to acquire the features necessary for them
to adapt easily to professional working conditions.
in addition to the undergraduate studies, the Departnıent continues also master’s degree program of Photography at
Dokuz Eylül University, lnstitute of Fine Arts.
in the meantime the academic menıbers ofthe Department are contributing to several master and profıciency in Art
Our department supports our students to participate in national and international exhibitions, workshops and similar
artistic events.
The Photography Department attaches importance to internal and external stakeholder relations and related
organizations, and continues to work on this subject.

1 Studio
2 Black and White Labs
1 Computer Studio
1 Archive
1 Warehouse
1 Art studio .
1 Professor
1 Associate Professor
4 Assistant Professors
1 Expert
3 Research Assistants