Graphic Design

General Description History

Department of Graphic was founded in 1983 among the ranges of Ege University Campus land; the department was emigrated to İnciraltı Campus of Dokuz Eylül University in 1994. Department of Graphic had been increased its workshop space and upgraded its education technology in 2002. Department of Graphic, which has an elite staff of veteran artists and exclusive scholars, chooses its pupils among the cream of the crop candidates to under graduate programs of Faculty of Fine Arts. The department has been carrying on its education for almost 12 years. Department of Graphic is home to renown annually and interuniversitary national visual communication event Young Brain Storming among various workshops, exhibitions and seminars.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

4 years, 2 semesters per year,16 weeks per semester, 240 ECTS in total.
1- Training is performed based on course passing system in faculty. 
2- Failed courses belong to an academic year are firstly enrolled next academic year.
3- Absolute assessment system is applied in faculty.
4- Grade point avarage (GPA); it is calculated by dividing the number which is found by multiplying course credits with marks to total credit in relevant term.
5- General Grade point avarage (GGPA); it covers the whole courses and education period so far and is calculated by dividing the number which is found by multiplying all course credits with marks to total credit.
6- Only enrolled courses are taken into consideration in GPA and GGPA calculation, the courses which can not be attend are omitted. The last mark is considered for repeated courses. In average calculation, two decimal after comma is used.
7- The last mark gained for repeated courses is passing mark. Whether have been taking course addition to maximum load not exceedingly two courses or not and its conditions are determined by Faculy Administrative Board. 
8- The student must complete 4 years of study acquiring 240 (ECTS )credits. At least 60 ECTS of 240 ECTS credits must have been electives courses. This degree is awarded to students who have successfuly completed all courses in the curriculum, 60 days of internship, Graduation project and have a minimum CGPA of 50/100 and no failing grades.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates with Examples

Job opportunities for Graphic Department Graduates are;
– Creative director, art director and graphic designer positions in Local and global network advertisement companies,
– Graphic designer positions in design workshops and design departments of various companies,
– Graphic designer and workshop manager positions in printing houses, copy centers and preprinting development facilities,
– Art director, graphic designer, animation artist and illustrator positions in Movie and animation production market,
– Graphic designer and illustrator positions in desktop publishing market,
– Layout designer and art director positions in news paper and periodic publishers,
– As an entrepreneur designer, who creates and distributes her/his own trademark with her/his own inventions,
– Chief of staff, c.e.o., chair and enterprise boss/partner positions in local and global network advertisement agencies,
– Web designer, web developer, graphic designer for web, technician and project manager positions in World Wide Web market,
– Part time and full time instructor and scholar positions in graphic design departments and visual communication departments of universities, 
– Graphic designer, illustrator, and print maker positions in textile market,
– Art director, graphic designer, concept designer, animator and illustrator positions in game production industry,
– Art director, graphic designer, editor, animator and illustrator positions in television networks,
– As printing artist and instructor on printmaking
– As freelance graphic designer, illustrator and printmaker.

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