Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, .Department of Ceramics was opened in 1983, in the period of Prof. Dr. Doğan Tuna who is the dean of fine art faculty and with the support of Prof. Dr. Sadi Diren who is the dean prof. of fine art faculty of Mimar Sinan University and the opening process of the department starts when Sevim Çizer had taken charge in the faculty of fine art. Since it is a newly established university, the department which has difficulties about the place and its preparations in such a situation started education and teach ing in Alsancak in 1987-88 academic year. Later on in Narlıdere, the department had a place in · the Fine Arts campus, wh ich is still under construction , and was moved there in 1995 by arranging the necessary places in advance.

The department, which is applying the undergraduate and graduate programs, is based on the view that education, firstly accepts ceramics as one of the artistic production materials. It is strived to ensure and balance the time required to introduce ceramic materials and to make artistic productions with them, in the context of appropriate Bachelor and Master programs. It is aimed to enable students to identify this material with technology and let them to use it appropriately. It is attached importance to theoretical and practical basic arts education programs in order to compensate for the shortcomings of secondary education. In the present, it is important for students to study internship, which enables them to know the means of production, and after graduation it is facilitated to find places in the ceramic industry. 

Today’s discourse globalization is also occurring in art and we have organi zed “lnternational Ceramics Symposium” every year since 1997, starting from the idea that our country art will meet with world art. Our department tries to embrace the world of ceramics with its structure consisting of three main purposes: hospitality, presentation of the country and artistic production. As a result of the symposiums that have been held to date, more than 20 associations with foreign Institutions have been established and participants have been sent to the events organized by them. In addition, a rich collection of international contemporary ceramic works has been brought to our country. There are still some workings to evaluate these works and establish the necessary museum.