Career Opportunities for Graduates of Graphic Department:

  • Brand designer, Exhibit and environmental designer, Graphic designer, Interactive designer, Interactive art director, Mobile application designer, Director of innovation and design, Publication designer, Information architect, Typeface designer, Editorial designer, Packaging designer, User experience designer, Web-based application designer in graphic design.
  • Cartoonist, Character designer, Children’s book artist, Comic book artist, Concept artist, Advertising illustrator, Animation character designer, Art director, Book illustrator, Editorial illustrator, Graphic novel artist, Illustrator for game design, Storyboard artist, Surface design illustrator, Production artist, Toy/figure sculptor in illustration/sequential art.
  • Art educator, Community arts administrator, Curator, Exhibiting artist, Master printer, Museum staff, Pre-press designer, Print prototype technician, Screen printer in printmaking.


After the students at the Department of Graphic complete their undergraduate education, they will be able to find employment opportunities and tasks as follows;

  • Creative Director, Art Director, Web Designer, Brand Designer, Interactive Art Director, Interactive Project Coordinator, Illustrator and Graphic Designer in Local and Network Advertising Agencies Operating in Turkey and Abroad,
  • Graphic Designer and Illustrator in design studios or departments,
  • Packaging designer, Graphic designer, and Illustrator in packaging sector,
  • Graphic designer and studio chief in printing and / or prepress industry,
  • Art director, Graphic designer, Animation artist, Storyboard artist, Illustrator, Creative director, Motion graphics animator, Movie title designer in film, TV and animation production industry,
  • Graphic designer, Publication designer, Interactive designer and Illustrator in the desktop publishing industry,
  • Page designer, Graphic designer, Illustrator, Interactive media designer, Web designer and Art director in newspaper and magazine industry,
  • Creating and marketing own brand as Entrepreneur-Designer (author designer)
  • Graphic designer, Interactive media designer, Mobile app designer, Motion graphic designer, Application designer or Project manager in the field of web and mobile applications
  • Educator and Academician in the departments of Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design and Illustration,
  • Graphic designer, illustrator, Web designer, Print designer in the Textile sector,
  • Illustrator, Animation artist, Art director, Graphic designer, Game designer, Concept designer, Interactive designer, Mobile/game app designer, and Environment designer in the game production industry,
  • Creative Director in museums,
  • Printmaker and Instructor in printmaking studios,
  • Freelance graphic designer, illustrator and printmaker.