Music Technology

The Department of Musicology, the Faculty of Fine Arts (founded in 1975) (then called ‘Musiki Bolumu’) attempted to start teaching “tonmeister” education the following year, but due to the unfavorable conditions of the day, the education couldn’t start until 16 years later on 22.04.1991. Under the name “Electro-Acoustic Audio Techniques”, education started as an ‘option’ at the Department of Musicology. The structure of the “option” first changed in 1996 and took the name “Music Technology Program “, then a major change happened in 2007 and the option became a Bachelors Program and became “The Department of Music Technology”. The department has 5 faculty members (2 professors, 1 associate professor, 1 assistant professor, 1 instructor), 1 professional audio recording studio (Prof. Dr. Gultekin Oransay Audio Recording Studio), 1 analog studio,1 computer and 1 electronics lab.

Be side the 4 year bachelors education, students fulfil! internships in recording studios, radio-tv studios, arrangement and jingle studios, production companies, concert sound companies and acoustical design firms. Graduates have potential business opportunities in radio and television companies, concert halls, production companies, music and acoustic design companies.