About Department

Found in 1983, Department of Painting is committed to creating a learning environment that will equip students with universal knowledge and skills that will allow them to creatively contribute to the cultural development of the community in which they live and to the global society of which they are a part. In this endeavor, our department has adopted a unique and dynamic approach in art education that traverse disciplines, styles, methods and materials to integrate and synthesize aspects of contemporary, modern, and traditional art and culture. Our four-year undergraduate education includes studio courses where the students work with the instructors on one-to-one basis, theoretical courses on art history, art theory and criticism, and practical work where the students develop independent projects. Besides working as independent artists, our graduates work with educational institutions, galleries, artist initiatives, art publications, and Biennale organizations as teachers, artists, curators, coordinators, writers, editors, advisors, jury members, and so on. Our teaching staff consists of experienced artists and academicians dedicated to creating a lively and creative learning and working environment for the students.