About Department

Department of Basic Education, Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts in 1999-2000 academic year in the professor. Dr. Faruk Kalkan was founded by the decision of YÖK. Among the founding names were Prof. Seeing Bulut, Prof. Dr. Ali Rıza Balaman and Assoc. Mehmet Koştumoğlu took part. Basic Theory of Art Education Theory and Practical Theory and Art Theories.Department of Basic Art Education Main Department of Graphic Arts, Ceramic and Glass Department, Traditional Turkish Arts Department, Department of Textile and Fashion Design, Animation Film Design and Management Department offers a theoretical and practical program based on giving basic design and art knowledge to the branches. The Theory of Art Theory Department provides theoretical field training for all departments of the faculty. Following international studies in the field of art and design, it updates the practical and theoretical content.