History of Music Sciences

History of Department 

The Department of Musicology was founded in 1975 under the Faculty of Fine Arts, affiliated to Ege University. The department was established by Prof. Dr. Gültekin Oransay who is also among the founders of our faculty and started education the following year. The Faculty then departed from Ege University in 1982 and was admitted to Dokuz Eylül University.

The department consisted of only the Musicology program for a long time but in 1991 the department curriculum expanded with the option to choose music technology courses in the third year. Later in 2007, Music Technology department was introduced as a separate 4 year bachelors program. At this moment the department is continuing education in both departments.

Department entry exams are administered separately for each department and 4 years of education in Turkish is given in each program. The Department also has a Masters and Ph.D. in Music Science and a Masters in Music Technology under the Institute of Fine Arts.